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TraveliN' Red

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Kerry London Myers
Be The Traveler Concierge, LLC
Hood Canal Events
PH: 360-710-7452


Welcome to Hood Canal. You just found the local connection to help plan your next PNW vacation, retreat, day trip or event. We are a group of local professionals located in Union, WA with Travelin' Red as your personal Concierge Specialist.


Our 20 years of HOSPITALITY PASSION focuses on luxury guest concierge, vacation rentals, property management, event coordinating, private chef/wine services, Hood Canal merchandise/gifts and unique experiences. We customize every step of the way so stop googling and contact us to help make your stay more memorable and relaxing on the shores of Hood Canal.



The name TRAVELER refers to a natural phenomenon, a figure of a Traveler with a walking staff making his way across Mt. Washington with its community at heart. It is actually a rock formation that is visible only for a few months every year, and most notably from UNION, WA. The Traveler appears when just the right amount of snow has melted and disappears as summer approaches. 

Our logo proudly includes the Traveler and he is ready to EXPLORE Hood Canal, offering only the best of lodging, local food, beverage, specialty services, activities, recreation, shopping, art and music. To us, the Traveler evokes inspiration, beauty and remembrance.


So when visiting our magical area that we call home, our guests actually become the Traveler, leaving with a lifetime of memories and sense of community.

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